Saturday, 15 March 2008

Construction Site – Hazards and Control Element 2

This element describes the features and items to identify factors which should be considered when carrying out an initial site assessment.
Identification of site appropriate control measures required when setting up sites, also being able to identify the required welfare facilities.
Initial this to look at before
History of the site, area of the site and any restrictions, the topography and the ground conditions, and other activities on site which may not be construction related,
The nature of the surroundings, the access to the site, any roads, footpaths railways, waterways adjacent properties, i.e. residential, industrial or commercial.
When assessing it is important to consider buried services and or overhead power cables.
The initial site assessment should identify the hazards that require control measures, these controls measure, it should have noticed the requirements for fencing and site security, identified the general risks associated with construction sites therefore the placing of mandatory warnings and general information signs,
The site access and egress means of vehicular access and planning takes place with the implementation of a traffic management system, designated areas for the storage, loading and unloading have been identified taking note of any associated risks that might be present when carrying out lifting operations. Other areas which should be planned at this stage are the services required for the site office and welfare facilities. Security arrangements for plant equipment or any chemicals on site, the storage of flammable liquids and method and strategy for dealing with waste either general of special which arise from the construction activities.
The site security measures that are put in place should take in to consideration of not only the site and equipment stored there but should also consider people outside the site and any possible intentional or unintentional access by third parties.
Welfare faculties should be sited in a suitable place and should consist of latrines, rest area , cloakroom and washing facilities, the actual extent of the welfare facilities in particular the washing would depend on the type of activities, if say the site was a general site with only decorating or shop fitting etc then hand washing facilities might be sufficient whist if the area is an excavation site of contaminated land in might be better served by the provision of showering facilities as well as hand washing etc, Adequate first aid provision must be made
Site rules must be written and form part of any site induction training
All these item and more are required to be considered, identified any implemented when assessing, starting or preparing a construction site.